Corporate Mental Health Training/Staff Wellness Workshops

Corporate Mental Health Training: Corporate training is designed to teach staff how to skillfully address mental health issues personally, as well as with peers and clients. The training leads your team through the No Hard Feelings course. Your team can expect to learn how to understand and balance intense emotions, incorporate new skills to reduce the impact of anxiety and depression, minimize rumination, survive crisis, and improve overall mental wellness at home and in the work place.

Staff Wellness Workshops: Utilizing the skills presented in No Hard Feelings, your staff will enjoy a fun, educational half-day workshop addressing mental wellness in the workplace. Staff will enjoy a variety of interactive teaching sessions, videos and skill demonstrations that will provide a deeper understanding of how implementing a few new skills in the workplace can help reduce stress, anxiety and burnout. Staff can expect to learn brief, mindfulness exercises aimed at staying grounded in the present moment, how to tolerate stress in order to avoid making things worse, how to balance strong emotions and to more skillfully navigate interpersonal transactions.

Cost: Training is individualized to your specific needs. Please contact us for further information or message us on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM