Privacy Statement

Mental Health After Hours always respects your privacy. Whether you are viewing our website or taking the No Hard Feelings course, your data is protected. While no method of transmission over the internet or method of e-storage can be 100% secure, we use all means possible to secure your personal data.

When you take the No Hard Feelings course, you will provide us with your name and email address. We will never use or share this information with a third party. Ever.

All homework assignments associated with the course can only be completed using paper and pencil or once they have been downloaded to your own device. As such, we will never have access to your private answers.

You may opt to participate in pre and post testing which is meant to measure your progress throughout the course. If you choose to participate your results will be shared with us so that we might improve the No Hard Feelings course. However, the results of your tests will be kept anonymous. Your name and email will never be associated with your test results.

The Learning Management System we used to create our No Hard Feelings course is Statamic and you can view their strong privacy statement here.

We use Stripe as our payment system. View their privacy statement here. ps://